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Since the time DLS SYSTEM started manufacturing of car parking & material handling systems, in the year 2016, we’ve been dedicated to just one objective - "Being the best Customer oriented Company in the industry" It’s taking time, but we are steadily progressing, & what’s helping us get there is our dedication, quality & service to our customers.
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Material Storage

Mobile Rack

Compactors are mechanised storage systems.designed for maximum space utilization of increases the storage by 40 % as compared to a normal storage system.
Material Storage

Storage Rack

We have two types of heavy duty storage rack on is static rack & other is dynamic or moving rack. The dynamic rack is designed to increase the utilization of space by 40 % within the same storage area as compared to the static rack.
Material Storage

Contilever Rack

Contilever racking is suspended type racking system, designed specifically as per the need of the customer.
Material Storage

Mould Rack

Mould rack is a special type of racking system designed purposely for the storage of heavyweight die. its unique feature is its platform comes out with the die with just a little effort .it is totally customised as per the need of the customer. It also comes with an overhead crane facility.

"We are customer-focused. We develop innovative products and services that create sustainable infrastructures and promote efficient use of resources"


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