Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment

In the building the nation, Proper use of the appropriate equipment contributes to the economy, quality, safety, speed and timely completion of a project. Equipment is used for highway projects, irrigation, buildings, power project, housing projects etc.

Wheel Barrow

The wheel barrow is material moving is designed to fit the rough terrain of construction sites. It is ergonomically designed for easy movement.

  • Single wheel barrow
  • Double wheel barrow
  • Light & heavyduty wheel barrow.

Sand Screening Machine

Sand Screening Machine is used to sieve sand for use in construction work. Sand is poured on the mesh or sieve which vibrates and enables fine grain sand to

  • Manual rotory sand screening machine
  • Automatic rotory sand screening machine
  • Vibratory sand screening machine

TMT Bar Bender

Tmt bar bender is an equipment & machine which is used to bend the TMT bars so that the less human power is required.

  • Manual tmt bar bender
  • Automatic bar bender machine.

Brick Making Machine

Brick making machine is effectively designed to meet the demand of brick.Designed specifically to meet the production targets.

We proive three type of brick making machine

  • Manual operated brick making machine
  • Automatic type brick making machine
  • Conveyor type brick making machine.

Mini Crane

Mini crane is designed to carry a load of about 150 to 300kgs to the floor of a specific height

Wall plastering machine

Wall plastering machine is manually fed semi-automatic machine designed for plastering of walls.

Is reduces the man power and reduced the plastering time wall and give uniform finish.

Mini Concrete Mixer

Mini Concrete Mixer is design to mix the half bag of cement with aggregrate.


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