Material Handling Solution

Material Handling Solution

Material Handling Solution represents manufacturers of the most durable material and product handling equipment available. It incorporates the best selection of equipment for your specific material handling requirements with larger capacities, fewer components and lower overall costs in mind.

Pallet Truck

The hand pallet trucks are standardised as per the requirement of industry , making them suitable for a broad range of industrial applications, incuding loading / unloading and picking / placing. the low lifting hand pallet trucks offer a load capacity of up to 3 tonnes.

  • 1 to 3.0 tonnes load capacity
  • Manual or electric drive
  • Minimum starting force

Manual Stacker

The manual stacker are used for high rise lifting ,picking & placing of has two variant manual and automatic lifting.

  • Hydraulic manual stacker
  • Hydraulic manual drum lifter and tilter
  • Semi electric stcaker

Dock Lever

Dock Levelers are the important part of your any bay area world wide. Usage of dock leveler aids in fast loading and unloading of goods at warehouse & reduced effort of manpower requirement, Dock leveler acts as bridge between loading bay area and truck, Operation of dock leveler is very easy, unskilled labor can use perform operation with ease.

  • User friendly
  • Step leveling
  • Smooth operation
  • Customisiable

Scissor Lift

Scissor lift is one of the most commonly used aerial work platform. We offer scissor lifts , that are required by different industries to perform various operations at heights, such as construction, facility management, aviation and more.

  • 1 ton capacity
  • Height up to 3 meter
  • Smooth operation

Dolly Trolley

Mobile mini crane

A manual mobile Material Handling Machine suitable for Indoor and Outdoor services. It is the basic requirment in all the Motor Garages and Machine shope for loading and unloading of the Engines and materials from the Vehicles.

  • Manual & automatic
  • Easy moving


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