Material Storage

Material Storage

Material Storage is very essential for proper material storage and housekeeping for maintaining a functional office operation. Improper storage and housekeeping can lead to injuries and contribute to the fuel load in a building fire.

Mobile Rack

Compactors are mechanised storage systems.designed for maximum space utilization of increases the storage by 40 % as compared to normal storage system

  • Hand free operation
  • Easy going
  • Maximum space utilization

Storage Rack

We have two type of heavy duty storage rack on is static rack & other is dynamic or moving rack. Dynamic rack is designed to increase the utilization of space by 40 % within the same storage area as compared to static rack.

  • Great Technology
  • Maximum space utilization
  • Reliable & smooth operation

Centilever Rack

Centiliver racking is suspended type racking system , designed specifically as per the need of the customer.

  • Great Technology
  • Delivery On Time
  • Reliable

Mould Rack

Mould rack is a special type of racking system designed purposly for the storage of heavy weight die.its unique feature is its platform comes out with the die with just a little effort .it is totally customised as per the need of the customer. It also comes with an over head crane facility.

  • Reliable & smooth
  • Easy operation
  • Capacity up to 1 ton


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